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General Corporate

Our General Corporate Services include legal review, legal health check, legal advisory, practical solutions, representing, advocating, regulatory compliance, contracting and operational matters those are existing and arising out from our client’s business.

We technically focus on:

  • Industry-based and sector-based advisory for legal regulatory compliance.
  • Advisory for list and unlisted companies in regulatory compliance.
  • Contracts
  • Advisory on tax implications applicable to the establishment and operation of business in Vietnam, including corporate income tax, value added tax, personal income tax, customs duties, other related taxes and the advantages that can be utilized from the current tax regime of Vietnam, including but not limited to tax incentives, carry-forward losses.
  • Advisory on labor issues applicable to the operation of business, including trade unions, salary costs, social and health insurance contribution, unemployment insurance.
  • Advisory on other regulatory issues that may affect the operation of a business in Vietnam, such as accounting and auditing, foreign currency control, profit remittance,reporting regime, data protection and cross-border transfer of data, and other compliance requirements in light of Vietnam prevailing laws and regulations.
  • General risk management issues.
  • Advisory on necessary actions that would eliminate or mitigate the negative impacts of these issues and help businesses achieve most advantages. 
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